• To produce engineers having professional, skills and leadership qualities with capacity to take up professional and research task in Civil Engineering and focus on innovative approach and to compete at the global level


  • To impart quality and real time education to contribute to the field of Civil Engineering
  • To impart soft skills, leadership qualities and professional ethics among the graduates to handle projects independently
  • To develop graduates to compete at the global level. To deal with the contemporary issues and to cater to the societal needs
  • Empower Faculty to provide effective and innovative learning environment
  • Collaborate with Industry to enable faculty and students with latest development in Civil Engineering field
  • Impart the students with necessary value based education for their life-long learning
  • Provide training and opportunities through Industry Institute Interaction program to enable the students to innovate and become entrepreneurs
  • Equip the department laboratories with in-demand technologies and software to provide on-demand industry requirement skills to the students


    The Program Educational Objectives define future roles for which we are preparing our students by studying four years of undergraduate engineering program. The major objectives for the Department of Civil Engineering at AVS Engineering College are:
    Provide graduates with both fundamental and advanced knowledge of planning, designing, analyzing and execution work in civil engineering field that prepares them for excellence, leadership roles along diverse career paths, and integrate ethical behavior
    Provide graduates to design and implement solutions for rapidly changing computing problems and information system environments
    Provide graduates for life-long learning to adapt to innovation and change, and be successful in their professional work
    Provide graduates an ability to establish and run a business enterprise


    The graduates of the program will have the ability to design, plan, and analyze any structure by applying design knowledge and software skills
    The graduates of the program are employable in both design and construction company
    The graduates of the program will have the ability to take up higher studies, Research and Development, and Entrepreneurships in the modern construction environment


  • Conducted a Workshop on "GPS" for second and third year Civil Engineering students on 10/02/2020
  • Students Participated in Paper Presentations and Workshops at various colleges and Won Prizes
  • Conducted a Workshop on "Vastu Sastra" for second and third year Civil Engineering students on 05/02/2020
  • Department of Civil Engineering conducted a One Day Seminar on the topic "A Seminar on Advanced Construction Techniques" on 01-02-2020
  • The Department of Civil Engineering, Skill Development Wing organized a Core skill Training Program titled "FOUNDATION MARKING" on 01-02-2020
  • Seminars on Basic Concepts of Vaasthu, Quality Control of Materials, On Site Investigation and Exploration using SPT, Construction Project Management and Real Time Issues were given by Civil Dept faculty members.
  • Mix Design for Various Grade of Concrete, Testing of Concrete Cubes , Foundation Marking on Field  are the special training fields given to the students.
  • Civil Department students were taken on a One-day field visit to Water Treatment Plant- -Mettur, Ready Mix Concrete Plant & India Cements limited at Sankari
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