• Mr.D.Baskar from Highway Department-Salem inaugurated the Civil Department Association.
  • Mr.M.Mani, from TOSET conducted a workshop on Land Survey.
  • Mr. N. Arivusudar from Bangalore conducted a One-day seminar on Do’s and Don'ts in Concrete.
  • Guest lecture on Offshore Structure was presented by Mr..Balamurali / AEE.
  • Seminars on Basic Concepts of Vaasthu, Quality Control of Materials, On Site Investigation and Exploration using SPT, Construction Project Management and Real Time Issues were given by Civil Dept faculty members.
  • Mix Design for Various Grade of Concrete, Testing of Concrete Cubes , Foundation Marking on Field  are the special training fields given to the students.
  • Civil Department students were taken on a One-day field visit to Water Treatment Plant- -Mettur, Ready Mix Concrete Plant & India Cements limited at Sankari