• To emerge as premier department of Excellence that imparts holistic education and provides knowledge and skills for employment, entrepreneurship and research among students and faculty


  • Empower Faculty to provide effective and innovative learning environment
  • Collaborate with Industry to enable faculty and students with latest development in IT domain
  • Impart the students with necessary value based education for their life-long learning
  • Provide training and opportunities through Industry Institute Interaction program to enable the students to innovate and become entrepreneurs
  • Equip the department laboratories with in-demand technologies and software to provide on-demand industry requirement skills to the students
  • A Webinar in Image Processing using Open CV has been conducted by Skill Wing and products has been developed
  • A Seminar On Python programming has been conducted on 26.05.21
  • Webinar On Embedded systems has been conducted


    The Program Educational Objectives define future roles for which we are preparing our students by studying four years of undergraduate engineering program. The major objectives for the Department of Computer Science at AVS Engineering College are:
    Provide graduates with both fundamental and advanced knowledge of computer science and engineering that prepares them for excellence, leadership roles along diverse career paths, and integrate ethical behavior
    Provide graduates to design and implement solutions for rapidly changing computing problems and information system environments
    Provide graduates for life-long learning to adapt to innovation and change, and be successful in their professional work
    Provide graduates an ability to establish and run a business enterprise


    The graduates of the program will have the ability to design, develop, and analyze software product or process in a systematic way by applying algorithm design and programming skills
    The graduates of the program are employable in product oriented IT industry rather than service oriented IT industry
    The graduates of the program will have the ability to take up higher studies, Research and Development, and Entrepreneurships in the modern computing environment


  • N.Abhishek And N.Mahalakshmi Has Been Placed In Infosys
  • S.Mansoor Has Been Placed In Atos Syntel
  • G.Rithiga,S.Anu,M.Parthiban,R.Sanjaikumar Has Been Placed In Sensiple.
  • A One-day workshop on “Internet of Things (IOT)” was conducted by Mr.V.Benhar charles, Managing Director, JIFFIT
  • A One-day Seminar on “PC Assembling & troubleshooting” was conducted by Prof.M.Velmurugan and Dr.V.Vijayakumar
  • “Cyber Security Awareness Programme” was presented by our Final Year CSE Student Prabu Balaji & Subashree to our II and III year CSE Students
  • Students participated in Paper Presentations and Workshops at various colleges and Won Prizes
  • A One-day Workshop titled on “Recent Trends in CSE” was conducted on 03/02/2020
  • A National Level Symposium “CODIX ‘20” was organized with various events likes Paper Presentation, Quiz, Techiepair, Mind Mapping, Lecture Series and Group Drawing Events
  • Student M.Poornima from CSE has been authorized and certified as an Intershala Student Partner(ISP)
  • Department of CSE has been conducted ALUMNI MEET 2019 Successfully
  • Veuga-2019 - An Inter-College Symposium Was Conducted By Cse Department
  • Skill Development Wing Of Cse Department Conducted Trainings On Hardware Basics,C Programming,Java Programming And Dbms.
  • Training On Python Programming,Cyber Security,Website Development,Android App Development Was Conducted Through Software Development Lab(Special Labs)


  • G.SAKTHIVELAN/AP, V.VELMURUGAN/AP, D.VIJAYAKUMAR/AP, P.SUNDARAM/AP, & V.MEENA/AP have received one lakh grant from DST to conduct Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp for students