Staff Publications & Presentations

  • Dr.V.Vijaya Kumar has published a paper titled “Design of Peer-to-Peer Protocol with Sensible and Secure IoT Communication for Future Internet Architecture” in Microprocessors and Microsystems
  • Dr.V.Vijaya Kumar has published a paper titled “Improving Secured ID-based authentication for cloud computing through novel hybrid fuzzy-based homomorphic proxy re-encryption” in Soft computing
  • Prof.M.Jayaprakash has published a paper titled "Load balanicing in SDN using Spider Monkey Optimization Algorithm in IOT" in Wireless Personal Communications
  • Prof. N.Karthigavani Published A Book On “Software Engineering” In Charulatha Publications In 2019
  • Six Faculties Participated In Conferences.
  • Prof N.Karthigavani Of Cse Has Presented A Paper Title Of “Smart Monitoring Cameras Driven Intelligent Processing Video Data To Big Surveillance”, National Conference On ‘ Recent Trends In Engineering Computer Applications Organized By Annai Mathammal Sheela Engineering
  • Prof.N.Karthigavani Published The Paper On “Implementation Of Enhanced Secure Data Transfer Using Asset Id” In Journal Of Mantech Publication On 7th June 2019
  • Prof.N.Karthigavani Published The Paper On “Gas And Smoke Leakage Detection And Automatic Valve Control System” In International Journal Of Engineering Research & Technology July 2019.
  • Journal Published - 2
  • Dr.V.Vijayakumar,Prof Of Cse Department Published A Paper On “Design Of Peer To Peer Protocol With Sensible And Secure Iot Communication For Future Internet Architecture” In Journal Of Springer Science Accepted On 26th December 2019.


  • Dr.V.Vijayakumar,Prof Of CSE Department Published One Patent In Government Gazette Titled “A Smart Music Player Based Upon The Mode Of A User Using Ai Technique”
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