• Total Number of events conducted during academic year 2021-2021 =328
  • Total Number of Students Enrolled: 2030
  • Total Number of Products Developed during 2020-2021 =65+
  • Due to Pandemic COVID 19, industrial Visits & Inplant trainings were not possible. But our college has conducted various online events to enhance the skills and knowledge of our students.The online learning has definitely supported and equipped them with all needed qualifications for the better Placements.

    About QES

    System used to improve the technical Competency, Develop the various skills, Assure the placement, Enhance the quality of education for the betterment of stake holders in AVS Engineering College, Salem.

    Special Labs

    Wing which converts the Engineering student into an Entrepreneur by developing the innovative thoughts by converting projects into real time products.

    Skill Development (Skills)

    Wing which develops the basic life skills and the needful technical skills for an Engineering student.

    Special Interest Groups (SIG)

    Wing which enhances quality of the faculty members through FDPs, Online Courses, Journal Publications, Patent Filings etc.

    Students Performance Indicator (SPI)

    Wing which measures the performances of the students in both academic & Non academic activities. It sets the achievable targets per students and monitors their performances through a valid scoring system.

    Industrial Relationship and Placements (IRP)

    Wing which builds goodwill among the corporate sectors and creates connectivity to the students with companies.